Patrick Liles

Las Vegas Barber
My name is Patrick Liles. I was born on April Fools Day, left handed, with a black eye and from a place that you’ve probably never heard of; or go too, called Possum Trot,  Kentucky. This almost certainly cemented the fact that I was destined to be a knucklehead! After scrapping thru school and put’n the slip on the smokies a few times (I’m very fast),  I figured I’d out grown Possum Trot! I then joined up with good ole Uncle Sam and used that speed to become a Paratrooper. With 60 jumps, got tired of Sam, and found a new dancing partner in the boxing ring where I swapped leather with nearly 100 men (chicks dig it). Ive been here, there and everywhere in between. I’ve swam across the mighty Mississippi, ran across the desert and over the mountain. I’m a Spartan!  I’ve smoked the finest swine, banked the finest dime, and had the grandest of time. I’m a Jedi Storyteller and a Master Barber! 100%

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